“War is inevitable – but there are miracles. Every day millions of people die, yet we live as if death will never touch us”

-St. Vyasa, The Mahabharata​

These words sit at the heart of one of the greatest epic poems— a meditation on war, death, and loss. Its core question is of a particular resonance: what should we fight for and why?

In an attempt to understand this exact question, Theater Mitu spent two years gathering interviews with a range of communities worldwide: current and past members of military forces; citizens who have been directly affected by war; people diagnosed with terminal illness and their families; nurses, spiritual leaders, scholars, and mental health professionals.

The result is a new multi-platform work— part performance, part interactive digital experience. Engaging Theater Mitu’s anti-disciplinary approach to art-making, this original work merges interviews with found text, spatialized audio, projection mapping, and interactive digital art.

This work offers an intimate reflection on how loss can scar us, shape us, and at times propel us towards change.

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